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Since I started The Color Recipe, I’ve always dreamed of shifting to a vegetarian diet.  My diet was meat based and at that time I could never imagine being full or satisfied with meals that only consisted of vegetables.

Sri Lanka Had other plans for me though, last march I went to visit that beautiful colorful country only to find the most diverse and pallet pleasing vegetarian meals ever. I spent my holiday eating every vegetable curry I can get my hands on. It was fantastic.

I lost 2kgs in ten days (without even trying), felt so energetic and my bloating problems have disappeared. The food was so colorful, tasty and filling. I didn’t feel sick afterwards either.

When I came back home, I tried to go back to my original meaty diet but I couldn’t. I found that I am currently unable to stomach eating flesh yeah this is how it suddenly feels to me.

In the beginning, I was still eating fish but as time went by even my sushi has turned into a vegetarian roll. I nearly never have any of my stomach problems, I only experience them when I eat dairy or too much white bread which I tend to do from time to time.

My diet now is so colorful, I have greens, reds, oranges, purple and blue foods. I’m eating the rainbow. Did you know that the more colors you eat the more taste buds you activate in your tongue and that translates to more natural digestive enzyme produced by your body.

In color therapy the color of the food we eat is very important; what we eat doesn’t only feeds our physical body but also our energy body. Since foods have their own individual color vibrations consuming colorful meals that contain the right colors (organic grown with no additives) helps balance and rejuvenate our system, to for example red foods have a stimulating energy, Green foods have a balancing neutralizing energy. Purple foods are relaxing there has been multiple studies on blackberries being helpful for insomnia sufferers.

You can learn more about it when you sign up to our workshop with the vegetarian tree house on the 23rd of January 2016.

I’ve also found that I’ve also changed; my intuition has become stronger and I’ve become more sensitive to other peoples feelings and myself. I feel closer to the ahimsa (non-violent) promise I made to myself during my yoga teacher training two years ago.




Love and Color,

Walaa color ways