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Before I became a color therapist, I was a housewife in my 20s finishing my bachelor’s degree in interior design. I was living in between a beautiful apartment in the heart of Tokyo and a four-bedroom house in Doha. I spent a lot of my time during the day in Tokyo walking aimlessly around the city, shopping,  and filling the empty void inside of me with everything other than what I needed. 

I’ve gotten back home with a few colorful items, that I loved in the store but ended up in a dark corner in my closet. I couldn’t wear anything other than black, brown, and darker colors. This boggled me because I looked good in color, my skin glowed and my essence showed when I wore them. I just couldn’t wear it, I didn’t feel good in them. Things such as; this is “too much” and this feels “overwhelming” were some of the reasons I took them off.

Later that year, as I was going through many struggles that urged me to look at the life I created around me, I found color studies, and I began diving into it. Studying color made helped me understand why I couldn’t wear any bright colors, Those colors made me glow and shine, I had fears around being seen. 

Honestly looking at my resistance to wearing colors opened up Pandora’s box for me. It helped me see the stories I have around being seen, about how I feel about myself, and the truth about needing to change it. 

In my nine years of work I have encountered many people who couldn’t wear anything but black greys and darker colors, all with different stories but with the same essence.

Black is a color that makes us feel protected. It’s a color that conceals things, hides bloated days, bad days, and helps us blend in (great for introverts).  

It keeps us mysterious and many of us were told being mysterious keeps us away from being vulnerable to others.

Black is a color that is easy to wear, it doesn’t require us to put ourselves out there it’s simple, it goes with everything. It’s a color we go to when we don’t want to think too much. After all, the little black dress is a signature classic in fashion because it’s easy and hides all the things we don’t want seen. Black is glorified in fashion to be the ultimate pick. 

I’m here to tell you, I LOVE black but also all other colors. it’s time to invite all other parts of us to join the table, to feel comfortable being seen and being there. 

Other colors paired with black amplifies their effect on you, it helps you absorb them more. Black is a great color to reflect, to go deep within yourself.

Why do you wear black all the time? 

Naturally, we need to go within and outside of ourselves to experience the life we came here to experience. Being in black all the time is you telling your subconscious mind to stay within all the time. Why? 

Black as mentioned before is a color that helps us feel protected, the question here is why do I need to feel protected all the time? 

Black helps us blend in so why do you want to blend in all the time? what does wearing other colors represent to me? If you have a resistance YAY! Let’s look at it. 

How does it make me feel when I see people wearing color? Why can’t I do it?  

Look at your answers as answers to why don’t I want to be seen?  What do I feel about people who are seen? How do I feel about expression? 

This can be a very interesting exercise to unlock your relationship with yourself. Share in the comments what came up for you I want to hear it. 👇🏽