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Getting ready for a day of Color Readings and daydreaming about the day I get to meditate in nature again.⁠

What is a Color Reading?⁠

A Color Reading is an in-depth energy session for women who dream of living an extraordinary life.⁠
When we begin, I will give you a brief about what each color in your birthday means, then we will center your energy using your breath, and I will ask you about your birth date. ⁠

Color Readings are focused on your soul’s journey and what the challenges in your life mean. I will look at the blocks you hold in your energy and guide you into releasing them with tips on color and color exercises that you can do after our session. I hold a gentle space for you to see what you need and where you’re meant to go. You and your intuition will guide this session. ⁠
My responsibility is to show you the incredible gifts you came with and the challenges that you are meant to face to develop your soul and be off on your journey where your destiny awaits you. ⁠
I will pinpoint that what is holding you back from fully embracing who you are. ⁠

Color Readings are held online, so you can speak to me in your PJ’s if you want! I will feel the space and energy of your aura and colors and tell you what I feel for you. All I ask of you is to release expectations and allow yourself to look at things from a different and new perspective and release judgment. ⁠

You can book your color reading HERE.