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What do you feel about the color yellow? Do you associate yellow with certain situations? Do you feel attracted to yellow?

Yellow is a color that lies between orange and green on the spectrum of light. It is the most luminous color and is more noticed by the human eye than any other color, which is perhaps why it can often invoke very strong feelings.

Yellow exudes light and positive energy. It is also known as the color of mental strength and inner power and helps us to connect with our courage.

why you suddenly feel attracted to it. But first, let’s look at some characteristics of the color yellow:

– It is the color of the sun: Yellow represents sunshine and warmth.

– It is a happy color: Yellow is the most energetic of warm colors and is associated with happiness, optimistic mood, energy, and laughter

– It grabs attention: Since yellow is the most luminous color, it has the ability to stand out and grab attention. That is why it is used on traffic signs and billboards.

– It is energetic: Like all warm colors, yellow has the ability to increase metabolism.

– It triggers anxiety: Yellow helps to stimulate the mind, it’s great to get work done, but too much of it can make us anxious and overthink.

So, what does it mean when you are attracted to the color yellow?

As I mentioned above, yellow is the color of the sun and is commonly associated with strength, courage, and healing. It radiates positive energy that enhances your manifestation abilities.
Being attracted to yellow means that life might be throwing situations at you that challenge your inner power. These situations will require you to believe in yourself and find the strength within you, instead of relying on others to help you.

What do you do when yellow shows up in your life?

When yellow shows up in your life, it is a calling for you to get in touch with your inner strength and courage. Psychologist Dr. Susan David says, “Courage is not the absence of fear, courage is fear walking.”
So you need to make peace with your fears and attract success into your life. The universe and your soul are asking you to step up and find your inner power.
Ask yourself this question,” Are you choosing from a place of fear and anxiety or from a place of love?”
Yellow showing up in your life could also be a sign that you are spending too much time in your head and that you need to use meditation and breathing techniques to calm your thoughts and connect to your present moment.

Personally, yellow helped me to find the courage to face my shadow, mistakes and to make peace with my imperfections. I hope you find yours too.

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