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To answer this question, we need to understand what red means and the associated feelings.

Here are some of the emotions that red evokes:


Red has been proven to boost your energy levels by causing your body to pump out more adrenaline. A study conducted on Olympic athletes found that those wearing red won more than their blue-wearing opponents.


Red motivates us to take action. This is why most marketers use it for their call-to-action buttons. It is a bold color and quickens our heartbeat, and promotes urgency. 

Desire and Passion

Red is linked to passion, lust, and desire. This is why people wearing red are considered more attractive by the opposite sex.


Red is one of the most visible colors, and we tend to associate it with danger. Due to its ability to grab people’s attention, it is used to warn people of danger through stop signs and sirens. 


What does it mean when you are attracted to the color red?

As I said above, red is known as the color of danger, passion, lust, and action-taking. When seen in the energetic field, it represents anger and pain manifested in the physical body. It’s a color that triggers a strong response in the body by increasing the heart rate and elevating our blood pressure. It is a color that our bodies need to energize and stimulate vitality.

If you feel attracted to the color red, it could mean three things:

  1. Anger manifested in your physical body is ready to be released.

Anger is an essential and intense emotion, when ignored or suppressed, can lead to unhappiness or living in the past. So you need to connect with your anger and understand what the fears behind it are. What is really fueling it, where it’s manifesting in the body so you can help transmute it. For a start:

  • Be kind to yourself as you do this
  • Release self-judgment and bring understanding to the table
  • Move your body as you visualize the anger releasing and transforming. 

It could also mean that,

  1. You are going through physical and materialistic changes 

It could be any change in your financial well-being and stability. Issues to do with money, your job, living standards, and basic requirements.

And lastly,

  1. It might be time to take action and leadership in your life. 

When it comes to your own life, you need to live it like a leader. Do your own thing and go after what matters to you.

To be your own leader, you need to; 

  1. Release your old pains and blocks from your physical body. 
  2. Set goals for your life.
  3. Embrace new ideas and opportunities.
  4. Look at the decision you need to make for yourself and begin aligning yourself with them.

Personally, red taught me that the energy supply is infinite and that there is a lot of power in action. It also taught me that I can lead my own life without depending on or waiting for others to take action for me.