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I believed my focus this year would be on making money, but I laugh when I look at my color projection for this year. *if you don’t know what that is, you must get a color reading.

I’m in a gold personal year which is all about cutting loose ends and ending chapters. These themes are occurring for me during a collective indigo year, about justice and creating utopia the perfect just world.

In short, this year, I am to release and close old doors of beliefs, lessons…etc. So I can live in my own utopia! And tell the world that it’s possible. Man, what a mission. 

With important missions, shadow work takes center stage. Deep work that we call dark, with emotions we don’t want to feel, and realizations that are not easy to swallow.

This year my shadow work led me on a journey toward forgiveness, triggered by my aunt’s death last July.

My Aunt was only 6 years older than I am; she began her battle with cancer in 2012 and lost in 2021. My story with her is complicated. She lived around me as a sister but demanded the respect of an aunt. My mother chose her over me every time. I was always compared to her perfection that I would never be able to attain. I loved her and hated her the same amount. I felt betrayed by her as a sister but was never allowed to have these feelings because she was my aunt, and there was this hierarchy in our house that I needed to respect. When she passed, I thought I wasn’t allowed to grieve her because I was simply not there. I decided that anger was easier. 

She’s come to me in dreams and meditations asking me to forgive her, but I chose to stay angry. I tried so hard to let go, but I couldn’t. I realized I didn’t have the whole story. Last week it hit me; I blamed her cancer on her inability to forgive and let go of her pain because of what others did to her. Though here I was doing the same, not forgiving her. This is what I mean with shadow work realization that is not easy to swallow.

Here is where color medicine comes in; as soon as we visualize a color, we can tune into the frequency it provides without attaching it to the story. I began tracing the colors of my anger in my body, slowly working my way through the resistance. This allowed me to see what was beneath it and make peace with feeling it fully so I can tap into sadness and grief. You can do that by laying flat on the ground, centering your body and asking your body where it’s holding the anger from this situation, and after that, wait for your body to show you. Then you can ask or feel what are the colors of these spots. then you release them with exhales from your mouth until it’s all gone, you need patience as you allow it all to leave and compassion with all the emotions that show up. do it for a few days until the anger stops showing up when you ask about the situation, for this many colors showed up for me on different days, red and orange were major here, also green. 

I then began infusing different colors such as rose pink, turquoise, and aqua using visualization and soft breathing, first to the parts that held the anger then to my chest to allow me to release the sadness and grief and open my heart to let go… This process took three weeks of deep shadow work guided by the power of color. The beauty of working with color is that it releases the trauma from your body, mind, and emotions. Taking down the walls of resistance in the smoothest of ways. I am now free and she is free from my rage. 

Please note that everyone needs different colors for each journey. your colors don’t need to be the same as mine

This process made me realize that I don’t share enough of how powerful color can be in helping you move through the rough waters. 

I want to tell you that forgiveness is an up and down journey that requires deep healing of old wounds that color can make this journey more accessible, faster, and more profound. I want to create a color journey that will help you do the same as I did, if this calls to you send me an email here hello@color-ways.com so I can add you to the list so you are informed when this comes out. 


Photo by Kourosh Qaffari: https://www.pexels.com/photo/person-standing-on-grass-field-while-opening-hands-1583582/