bluegold-dressI loved that hype about the dress, it went crazy on the internet. I love that color has finally broke the internet. I’ve had long conversations over the weekend on these colors and what they mean.

A lot of it has to do with how our brains function and how our brain perceives color but it also has to do with our psyche and where we are in life. So what does it mean if you saw Black and Blue? or White and Gold?

If you saw blue and black

That Combination is all about expression and Great communication. You are probably a person who thrives around people and loves great conversations. It’s all about communication for you. You hold great wisdom that you rarely communicate and life will keep throwing challenges for you to help direct you into becoming a super communicator and share your wisdom with the world.

My message for you is to learn more about communication, check out public speaking or even read Crucial Conversations which is a great book to harness your communication skills so you can shine and prosper.

If you saw gold and white

This combination is all about playing it safe or shinning by being different, it seems that you are always between these two aspects of life. You want to feel comfortable and want to stay where you are and develop in a comfortable way. You have so many gifts to share with the world, start looking at your strengths and talents and put your best foot forward and take some risks this year is all about showing the world your true colors and succeeding at it.

My Message to you is to take up meditation, a creative habit or take a strengths test and start building your skills.

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Love and Color,

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