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When I began this journey my thoughts were a mix of mucky green envy and gossip, my self-talk was a shadow yellow full of destructive and self-loathing. burned not in a good way orange filled with anger and victimized feelings given my unhealed emotions and traumas. now this self-talk and thoughts have shifted to brighter colors of pink for self-kindness and compassion. blue and yellow for courageous truth and lot’s of orange for flow, patience, and understanding. ⁠

What are your thoughts focusing on, the shadow or light aspect of things? ⁠

Remember what you focus on grows. one of the biggest things I focus on when working with clients is to reflect on how they speak to themselves, understanding where these voices are coming from, how can we learn from them, and release this negative self-talk. Self-talk can change the world around us tremendously. It’s so powerful.

What are the color of your self talk?