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Your Color Archetype has two aspects, a light and a shadow. The light aspect is the positive side to your archetype and the shadow are the contrasting and darker elements to your archetype.

Light aspect

You have a remarkably strong mind and connected to it is a powerful intuition. You are a justice warrior who cares about fairness and can usually spot when people are lying or showing up inauthentically. You thrive when you’re not fighting external circumstances, and when you fully embody your cause and live in alignment with your own values. You hold the banners for utopia and will attempt to shape the world to your ideals, and can embody what is for the collective good. You usually function best at night when it’s quiet and you can hear your own thoughts, so you become highly alert.

Shadow aspect

And when out of balance you may feel like giving up on life and that the world is against you. You can become exceedingly angry when people don’t hold strong values or they don’t seem to care about the injustices happening around them. The strength of your virtues can at times lead you to believe you are better than others and you may try to “fix” people to bring them up to your high standards. This can narrow your vision and close you off to opportunities. If you ignore your inner warrior you may become manipulative in the pursuit of the greater good. 

How to Balance:

  • Declutter your childhood conditioning and release black and white thinking 
  • Wake up early with the sunrise to find quiet time for yourself, instead of staying up late
  • Finding inner peace by not taking what is happening in the world personally
  • Do not listen to your ego, instead go within, follow your own values and embody them
  • Exemplify how you want the world to be, and make peace with your power

Crystal to work with:

Yellow tourmaline

Celebrities: Rembrant, Bob Dylan, Michaelangelo, Leonardo Davinci, Jane Austen, F Scott Fitzgerald, Agatha Christie, Frida Kahlo, Georgia O’Keeffe, Jennifer Lopez, Prince Harry, Joan of Arc, Queen Victoria, Martin Luther King, Napoleon Bonaparte, Galileo Galilei, Jennifer Lawrence, Sigmund Freud, Bob Marley

Get your personalized Color Archetype meditation

As an indigo archetype it’s very important for you to connect to your body, and your beautiful essence. This is an indigo color meditation focused on acceptance and connection that will help you tap into your Indigo frequency to manifest the life that you want