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Color is an unspoken language that successfully communicates with our conscious and subconscious minds.

Understanding how color affects each aspect of our routines can help us live more fulfilling lives. Here’s a primer on all the different ways color can move you:

1. Color defines our interior spaces.

The colors we use at home can shape our well-being. I once had a black wall to add a touch of mystery to my place, but I found the color to be way too strong and stimulating for me. I wasn’t able to relax or focus on anything when I was in that room. On the other hand, I’ve found yellow to be a stimulating color for me. The yellow accents on my desk help me stay mentally engaged with my work and come up with new ideas.

2. Color shapes how others view us.

Colors send subtle messages to the mind, and people subconsciously judge us based on the colors we wear. A notable study found that women who wore red attracted more men than women who wore blue. This attraction to red is likely ingrained in our biology, and the color sends a message of fertility and implies that the woman wearing it is passionate and warm.

3. Colors influences our moods.

Colors have the power to lift us up and calm us down. A color that puts you in a joyful mood is a color that tells you of the things you long for, and what you need. For example, if red lifts your mood, you’re likely someone who enjoys physical activity and feels your best when expressing yourself physically. Unless things are touched, they mean little to you in terms of experience.

4. Color spurs spiritual growth.

Color yields incredible power when used in meditation or color yoga. In any spiritual journey, color opens the gate to the possibility by enhancing our energy experience and opening our eyes to co-creating with the universe. It helps us tap into our gifts almost instantly. That’s because color helps people identify their feelings in a tangible way and overcome any obstacles they have created for themselves.

 5. Color enhances our sense of self.

Certain colors help us work with our relationship with ourselves and teach us to practice self-love and compassion. For instance, pink is a positively charged color that can lower our heart rate and evoke happy feelings. As a result, it can help us attract loving, compassionate partners and friends.

6. Color says a lot about the food we eat.

The color of a fruit or vegetable is an indication of the minerals and the energies it has absorbed from the sun. Blueberries and blackberries have strong energies of blue/indigo. Energetically, these colors help us relax and aid in sleeping. Scientists have found that the minerals and vitamins found in blueberries and blackberries help people who suffer from insomnia and sleep difficulties.

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