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Oh how I usually dread this period, but I learned that colors are the best guide through this incredible yet sometimes uncomfortable inwards journey.

This is the strongest mercury retrograde this year and it starts alongside a New Moon in Taurus. This moon is grounding and is a great one to set material goals and reach miraculous places if you follow through with it for the next six months.

This Retrograde I decided to follow the colors that will show up in my life. Right now its lime green and magenta. These colors are different yet make total sense why they are together.

Lime Green: is a color of cleansing, washing away what no longer serves me, washing my heart from grudges and hurt. Letting go of a victim mentality and taking charge of my life and here is where the Magenta plays its part. Magenta is all about taking the lead in your life especially in creative business endeavors, and the importance of balance between the material and the spiritual.

This is how I’ll step into my power this retrograde, and this is how you too can use color to have a pleasant retrograde journey,

  • Take notice where you are letting yourself or others walk all over you.
    This question can only be answered by You and always be rose pink and gentle with yourself when you take a great look at that.
  • Wake up every day and as you get ready look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, “Which color am I today?”
    Daily colors are a great indication of the challenges we are going through, colors tend to highlight our challenges then give us another color that acts as a solution for this challenge. (look up color meanings or email me with your colors this retrograde)
  • Journal about that color in your life, how did it appear in emotions, situations and people.
    Writing is a great way to see what your heart and soul are trying to tell you. Journaling colors will allow these colors to speak to you and to help you.
  • Meditate to this color and ask it to show you the way.
    Meditation is a beautiful peaceful way that helps us slow down and listen… Adding colors your attracted to (it’s always the first one that pops up when you intend to meditate)

Enjoy your colorful Mercury Retrograde and if you loved this share it now with your friends and comment below about your experiences.

Love and Color,

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