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Social media is a huge part of our lives and day to day activities. We are blessed today with the variety of topics, inspiration and learning that social media gives us.

Yes, just like everything social media like everything can also be a source of guilt, shame and plenty other not low vibrations. Instead of saying stay away from social media my advice to you is to use social media in a way that’s good for your soul. Social media has so much to offer us today we just have to create our boundaries with it.

My personal boundaries are, things that make me feel shame, anger, frustration any bad feels *unfollow* and I go through my social media and filter it constantly *I am allowed to change my mind about an account.

I am also constantly on the lookout for accounts that inspire me, teach me something new and inspire me to reach my goals and ideas.

Here are some.

  1. David Frenkiel

    Vegetarian food, travels, kids & photography. One of my favorite recipes online I find them on this account.

  2. Rachel Brathen

    Remember the hashtag #yogaeverydamnday it’s her creation. I’ve enjoyed watching Rachel transform into her beautiful woman roles over the years and becoming the beautiful mother she is. Her relationship with her daughter warms my heart. Not to mention her philanthropic adventures. A great woman and an inspiration. Doesn’t hurt that she’s also a Libran.

  3. Mindbodygreen

    A leading online publication, learning hub, and wellness newspaper. It’s a great source of great information about the latest in the wellness world. Great information and it doesn’t hurt that you can find my color articles there too.

  4. Lee Tilghman

    A great inspiration when it comes to healing your body with food, delicious nourishing food that feeds your mind and soul.

  5. Justin Baldoni

    An Actor, entrepreneur and on a personal journey to redefine masculinity. His way of embracing the feminine, being with his family and his authenticity is beyond beautiful. If you haven’t seen his Ted Talk here you go, You’re welcome.

  6. GirlBoss

    Success who defines it for you? YOU! and this is exactly what girlboss is on a mission to help you see and do. The podcast is also one of my favorite things to listen to.

I could keep going and going… Social media is full of these incredible. Also please email me with your suggestions I would love to hear them 💕

Love and Color,