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Red is the color of vitality, strength and masculine power. It’s the color of action, movement, and goals.

Many associate red with anger, blood, and war that is true but there is more to the color red than it’s shadow aspect.

It is the color that starts our journeys as humans, understanding that our soul came here to learn lessons in the physical by moving, taking actions, making mistakes, and learning. Red also allows us to release all the negative energy to the earth and allow a healing exchange between us and mother earth.

What a wonderful connection we would have with our human body and the earth as we connect with red. Allowing things to start materializing and allowing ourselves to be supported and nourished as we connect with the earth’s endless supply of vitality and love.

Working with color comes in many forms and ways. We can work with color visualizations, food, putting on our skin and surrounding ourselves with it.

Today I want to explore the effects of red on different aspects of our lives.

Let me start with red spaces:

Red spaces are wonderful for uplifting the energy in a house that feels dull and depleted. It could be a great color to add accents in the social areas of a home or a gym. If you want to boost your appetite, you can add it to the dining room as well.  Red is great when paired with muted white when a person is in need of a new fresh start and wants to add adventure to this new beginning.

Red foods

are wonderful for increasing energy. They are also great for increasing your sexual appetite due to the energy these red foods absorb from the sun as they grow.  Red foods increase vitality and are great for that energy boost that you need at the end of a long week.  Lycopene is a type of carotenoid found in red foods, it concentrates itself in certain organs of the body primarily lungs and prostate (red chakra vibes).

Red Clothing

Wearing red puts you as the center of attention if you are an extrovert you will thrive in it. Red is a great gym wear color if you want to keep your energy up, and train harder. It’s a great energy booster. (image taken from career girl daily) 

Red Tip


If you are unable to wake up in the morning try scheduling your colored lights to shine red with your alarm. You will thank me later.

This is a small portion of what Red energy can do for you.