Get back in alignment in just 40 minutes with a 1:1 color color reading (with a special offer this month)

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What is a Rainbow Activation Color Reading?

A color reading is a 40min 1-1 color therapy healing session that will awaken your forgotten energies to see where you are blocked, understand the challenges you’re experiencing. We will begin by tapping into your energy, we will have a conversation about your color archetypes and what that means for you, your life and purpose then we enter into a color therapy light healing that will be uniquely channeled for you to open you up to working with your guides and energy sources.

Each of us has the ability to activate their gifts, purpose and soul using their unique color code.

You will expand into new spaces.

When we find your colours, we find you.

With a Rainbow Activation session you will:


Learn how to use your unique Color Archetype to step into your full potential


Find your Power Centre Learn your color archetype traits to better understand your blocks and challenges


Experience the transformational color code activation! A unique process designed to support you on your journey forward and connect you with your higher guides


We end the session with a Light healing one of the most powerful methods to cure blockages, past trauma and limiting beliefs

Unlike other energy sessions, I use a unique combination of different modalities: sound vibrations , numerology, color medicine, and body work.

Color energy readings to heal, energise & align

[After the rainbow activation] I felt instantly connected to my higher guides, comforting and reassuring me of this path – that healing is part of the journey – that I am loved – that important people will be coming into my life. I had tears with this interaction.

Tarra Lee

Meet Your Color Healer!

Walaa is an author, licensed color therapist, and a HUGE interior design nerd. Discovering her unique gift at an early age, she’s been holding space for spiritual practices and women’s circles, both online and in-person, for over 9 years. Walaa’s mission is to help women detach from black & white thinking and glow from within.

Born in Kuwait but now living in Barcelona, she has worked with dozens of women all over the world from entrepreneurs to mothers to entrepreneurial mothers. Walaa developed her unique five-modality system for harnessing the energy around us to develop emotional fluidity.

You are incredible. That was such an eye and heart opening session for me. Today I had a surprising breakthrough in solving a problem at work, and I really felt like I was connecting with my Visioneer light!

Laura Mordas-Schenkein

Hear from some of my past clients:

Working with Walaa has taught me the importance of self-love and made me appreciate life and color even more. I discovered so many things about myself that I never realized before.

D. Alnaimi

Walaa taught me how to deal best with challenging situations and how to use my own energy resources.

Simone Vogel

I had such a wonderful experience with the color reading! I’m always a sucker for the more predictive elements of any reading, but what I enjoyed about your reading, in particular, is that it wasn’t of the “you will meet a tall, dark stranger” variety; rather, it was more about preparing me for what the focus of my near future will be and where the opportunities are (my career), and how I can make the most of it (by tapping into, and accepting and embracing, my feelings and sensitivity). That, along with the information about where my specific strength lies (creativity), was super valuable for me. I’ll def book another reading soon. Thank you again!

Eden Stuart

Walaa is amazing. She knows how to point out the problem and explain things to different personalities and people. I feel that I am slowly changing on the inside. A change that is so beautiful. Walaa has given the strength that I needed and the ability to love and appreciate myself.

Noora Al Kuwari

Walaa has a vast knowledge on the subject of colour healing and meditation. She always puts her heart into her work and it really shines through. She is passionate about helping others and that’s what makes her so special. Always ready to help heal and you really see the results. I’ll never look at colours the same way again!

Saba Rahbar

I just did the green fire breathing and gold pyramid meditation with my ancestors. It feels like my chest is opening up more and I can feel the confidence starting to break through! I feel like I am connecting with my visioning and imagination more. It’s making me want to dance and move without inhibition.

Laura Mordas-Schenkein

Activate your Rainbow codes today for a soul expanding spirit cleanse

You will feel the transformation after just ONE single rainbow activation

(and you don’t have to spend 1000’s of $$$ on coaches or packages!)

1-on-1 individualised session for only

Was $333

For the month of June only: USD$222



Schedule your Rainbow Activation now ☟  

Sessions are approximately 40 minutes but each session is designed for the individual needs, so occasionally timings are longer. 

*Because Rainbow Activations are so intensive I can only offer so many of them, and only do a limited amount per month.

As each day goes by your life could be improving and filled with love, joy and appreciation, and if you’re currently feeling flat and like life isn’t going anywhere this might be just what you need.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you

Love and color,

Walaa color ways

10 years later i went back to the same woman [Walaa] that guided me through my first meditation, i went back for the rainbow activation and from the next day I already am seeing things magically manifesting in my life. Walaa doesn’t only guide you through a meditation, she guides you to connect to your truth and essence

Dalal Abdullah