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One of the practices that have been helping me these days is to do a rainbow 🌈 light cleanse. It’s been helping me ground and balance as I go through these odd days. I’ve also taken more time with the red light to give myself vitality and strength to support you during these times of uncertainty.

I’m also using black shungite in my hands do help strengthen my grounding. Here is your rainbow 🌈 clearing exercise:

– set the timer to 10min and play some calming music I recommend ashana she’s great

– start by taking five deep breaths in your nose and out your nose.

– change your breathing to inhaling through your mouth and exhaling through your mouth

– start visualizing red ❀️ entering your body through your feet from the earth filling your body than do the same with 🍊 then πŸ’›

– then see πŸ’š a beam of light entering your body through your chest
– from the sky see πŸ’™ entering your body, then indigo then πŸ’œ

– seal your energy with a sparkling gold light, ✨ let it surround you like an egg.

When the timer goes off, take a deep breath, and when you feel ready, open your eyes.