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Your Color Archetype has two aspects, a light and a shadow. The light aspect is the positive side to your archetype and the shadow are the contrasting and darker elements to your archetype.

Light aspect

Driven by passion and core emotions, not cold reason. Ideas often flood the mind faster than they can be captured as your imagination flows freely. When you can transmute sex energy, the life force of creation, you can tap into a potent source of creative power. Higher consciousness and wells of knowledge beyond yourself also become available to you. Led by gut instinct, your hunches offer insight well before logic, reasoning or rationality arrive. Highly attuned to others needs, friends often gravitate toward you and confide in you for sagely advice. A natural nurturer, you likely love giving gifts. 

Shadow aspect

Your generosity can quickly turn to anger and resentment if you neglect your own needs – like a river that is dammed and the water controlled, eventually it will force an opening. Your concern for others can come at the expense of your own, sometimes leaving you feeling like a doormat. Ignoring your feelings will often lead to neediness and becoming stuck in victimhood and the potential for becoming manipulative may arise. If your sexual connection is blocked, your ability to receive and manifest will diminish. Your desires should not be submerged or eliminated as they will be ever seeking means of expression. 

How to Balance:

  • Allowing the judgement-free flow of emotions
  • Recognising what you are experiencing / OR immerse yourself in a body of water
  • Prioritising filling your own cup first
  • Release anger held in your body with afrobeats or belly dance that moves your hips

Crystal to work with:


Celebrities: Oprah, Cardi B, James Joyce, Amy Adams, Michael Jackson, Keanu Reeves, Sandra Oh, Mahatma Gandhi, Marie Antoinette, David Beckham, Salvador Dali, Hans Christian Andersen, Tony Robbins


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Orange Archetypes create from a deep emotional place, let us tap into that fluidity and release all the negative believes about being emotional so you can create a new reality. This orange color meditation is made for you to tap into your Orange frequency to create and connect to the life that you want