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An eclipse will intensify this new moon; it will be emotional; it will bring up a lot to the surface to heal; we must allow that to move without needing to hold on to it. Feel your feelings and let them tell you about your needs. Nurture yourself and, most importantly, connect with compassion. Rose Quartz is a beautiful color energy to work with. ⁠
Here is a Rose quartz meditation for you: ⁠

– Find a comfortable seated position. Take three deep breaths and with every breath, go deeper inside, letting go of your to-do list, things you must do, and center yourself in the present moment using your breath. ⁠

– Keep your breath soft and gentle, but equal inhales and exhales. ⁠

-Take a few moments here as you quiet your mind and connect with the beat of your heart (you can place your right hand on your heart, or thumb on your wrist to compare more) ⁠
– Visualize rose pink light coming from your heart and shining brighter with every breath. Filling your body with rose-pink rays, supplying you with universal love, the love that is pure and unconditional.⁠

Stay here for 3-6 min. ⁠

Then gently let go of the pink and smoothly connect with your body, come back to the room, and gently open your eyes. Taking the love, you felt here with you wherever you go.⁠