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As we enter the month of March we are entering an intense yellow era. I’ve seen it and I took my time reflecting on what it will look like. March is gonna be a wonderful month of purging, releasing and allowing your inner courage and personal sun to shine.
The feelings of being stuck might increase, frustration and anxiety as well. This is a great time to increase your spiritual practice. Blues especially will be asked to step up big time. Red will be asked to stand their ground and indigos to be prepared to dream big.

So much courage will be asked of you in terms of opening your heart. Believing that your vulnerability is your best way forward.

This year is all about your personal sun and this month is asking you to define it, live it and be it. This month is not going to be about others it will be about you. Your limiting believes, your heart blockages.
So when you feel stuck instead of feeling frustrated with yourself… Reflect

Blues: Born as a blue or your month is blue
You will need your boundaries more than ever this month. Learn to say no and take yourself. Express your truth and learn how to do it Lovingly. Turquoise is the color you will need. Increase writing and surrendering to your expression.

Greens: Born as a green or your month is green
You will be asked to grow, you will be challenged and you are more than up for it. You will need to balance practical matters with your intuition and need for fluidity. How can you be fluid and get things done?
Tourmaline is your stone this month. Increase calculated actions this month.

Yellows Born as a Yellow or your month is Yellow

This is your month to find and pull that confidence and inner power from inside of you. Releasing all self-doubt and not let it control your life. Manage your anxiety by being loving and kind to yourself. Make sure the people around you are of high vibration, You’re extra sensitive this month to high vibes and low vibes. Make sure you are grounded.
Use cinnamon essential oils to keep you in balance and in a creative space use chanting meditation to balance.

Orange: Born as an orange or in an orange month

This will be a calm month for you if you learn to listen to your emotions and inner cycle. It’s gonna be a month of slow quiet movement. It will be a great month to take off and learn to nurture yourself. Sometimes doing nothing can be irritating for some if it for you reflect on why.
Your stone this month is rose quartz. Self-love is key this month.

Red: Born as a red or in a red month.

Reds you will need to believe in yourself. Trust the actions you are taking forward and release control. Learning to trust the people around you is crucial. Stand your ground and keep doing what you are doing, release anger and pain this month you don’t need it. It’s holding you back from your heart and acceptance of self.
your stone is Jasper this month

Gold: Born as a Gold or in a gold month

Gold this march is gonna be a good shake-up, your relationship with the material will be put to the test. What is your relationship with money? Things? do you depend on it? do you hate it? How can you balance this relationship so you can thrive and be as charitable as you can be?
Your stone this month is Jade.

Violet: Born as a violet or in a violet month.

Big ideas, Big thoughts big everything… the only things that might be missing for you this month is putting them into action. How do you make your ideas happen? or will you store them with the rest of your big ideas? Why don’t you partner up with a friend who is a doer? or better yet ask yourself what is holding you back from doing?
your stone this month is pyrite.

Indigo: Born as indigo or in an indigo month

This month what are you sacrificing? Why does sacrificing have to be part of your life? In what ways are you letting your ideas about being a “good person” be ones that make you the “victimized hero” This month you will be asked to communicate better and speak your mind if you don’t you will be stuck in this cycle that will bring you nothing but anger and frustration.
Your stone this month is Aquamarine

Magenta: Born as a magenta or in a magenta month

My dear soul, how have I been in just with you? is your question this month. Create space for yourself, for your innovative self and you that is new and different. Create space away from the day to day running and find your soul this month. Find your compassion find your love.
your stone this month is Selenite