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We are in a month that carries the frequency of violet, this makes it a high-frequency month amongst other things. Using color to manifest is one of the most potent tools because it will help you tap into the frequency of the thing you want and align you with its feelings which is an important component of manifestation. You can begin this process by connecting to things you want to manifest, then tuning into it’s feelings then asking yourself what color is it? 

This process is an important one because: 

  • connects you with your feeling about what you want to manifest. 
  • It doesn’t only do this it will also show you the blocks you have in the things you don’t like about the color, for example, this color is better on other people, not me, this is telling you that the frequency of what you want to manifest is something you think is only for other people.
  • Helps you clear it (with an exercise I will share below) 
  • Makes the manifestation process much more fun.

    Clearing the blocks that show up: 

  • Choose a pen that is either green or violet. 
  • Write down all the “bad” feelings you have towards this color (that showed up in the exercise above) 
  • Then with the pen write thank you to each belief. 
  • Burn the paper and see the doors closing on these beliefs.

    This makes it easier to manifest the dreams you wish by aligning fast with their frequency and releasing the blocks you have towards them.

    Also, visualizing these dreams in magenta and wearing lots of magenta can amplify your manifestation by making you a magnet to the things you align yourself with. 

Side warning: make sure you align your frequency with what you want not what you don’t because magenta will be a magnet to all. 


Photo by Artem Podrez: https://www.pexels.com/photo/magenta-abstract-background-7233364/