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Finally sampling for our place here in Barcelona, the design is sooo beautiful by @valentialbareda that it was so hard for me to take the step to make it my own “color meaningful”.

Of course, I went for Benjamin Moore and the guys in Spain are as great and helpful as anywhere I’ve been. This brand is color life for your home!! I want to take you through my choices for these samples and tell you why I’m sampling them:

  • Peruvian chili (orange one) That will be the first color you see I wanted a spark of social life and excitement as we walk in the house I wanted us to feel joyous and nurtured.
  • The twilight or Essex green (blue or green) in between these two I spend a big portion of my time in the kitchen/ dining and I wanted a color that is calming but also embraces the love I have for food hehehe the blue is a color that is calming and helps reduce appetite but the green I feel is pulling more towards it as I work on opening my heart more and loving more. So let’s see
  • The flower box (lavender) peaceful nurturing sleep with lots of beautiful dreams this is going in the bedroom. We have hectic days and we need our rest and recharge and this color is perfect for that.
  • Flamenco (red) we are in Spain after all. This one is going to the basement. It’s a color that I’m using to spark energy in an otherwise very yin Netflix and chill space, I want to chill but still be awake and start having fun in that space.

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