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Reset, renew & clear your energy for the year ahead

Find love, abundance and spiritual fulfilment

Do you want to:

  • Feel grounded, strong and balanced

  • Look at 2021 with your new eyes

  • connect to your intuition so it can guide you so decision making is 100 x easier

  • Attract love and loving relationships

  • Clean out the mess of last year and begin a new slate

  • Take the lessons from last year and turn them around for 2021

Let’s put that tragic, chaotic and challenging year behind us, start knowing that you are now more connected than ever to your authentic self. The world around us has changed, this is an opportunity for us to thrive and you will too.

Last year was:

  • Full of  fear based energy

  • Your life feels as if it’s been going around in circles 

  • Felt as if you changed you need to connect the new you with your life and thrive?

  • Rollercoaster of emotions that left you; feeling stuck literary and metaphorically.

  • Eye opening about how you live and move, anxiety creeps up on you hindering your ability to live your best life

Let’s change all that! You are here to thrive

Immerse yourself in this transformation session

In a live group session* you’ll discover how:

  • Clear out the clutter from last year. You will be receiving emails with instructions as soon as you sign up

  • To release the weight of the past from inside of you to move more freely into 2021

  • Become a magnet to your dreams and happiness

*note you don’t have to have your camera or sound on. 

  This is what our workshop will facilitate for you, and much more, You’ll experience your own power to become a magnet. I will guide you using the power of color, sound, color breathing and powerful movement. 


A 2hr online session to review, release,Clean and clear your energy to close out 2020 and lift you up into a more joyous 2021. You’ll have the tools to live happier, attract love and move with more velocity towards your dreams.

You will:

  • Declutter your mind & spirit

  • Release stagnant emotions from different areas in your life

  • Clean and clear your energy to close out 2020

  • Refresh and renew for 2021 

  • Write a color letter that will act as a magnet for all your dreams

    For only 88euros

    23rd of January 2021 at 5pm Madrid, Spain time

  • Intensive energy work that will release painful experiences
  • Release unwanted thoughts
  • Declutter fear energy from your life
  • Appreciate yourself and step into self-love
  • Discover a new side of yourself that is happier, focused and heart opened
  • Live a spontaneous and joyous life no matter what is happening around you

Unlike other sessions we use powerful color, sound and movement to facilitate healing and help unload the past and take faster action towards your goals.

I’ve worked with hundreds of souls all over the world to help heal and grow their relationships and live more fully in their joy without the stress and self judgement.

Feel the true state of happiness that’s already inside you – let’s unlock it together.

Let me support you on your journey to live an incredible life.

Walaa_Color Transformers

Walaa is amazing.

I just woke up from the BEST sleep in ages. It has to be my favorite workshop so far it grounded me and helped remind me of how powerful I am. I did not only release people from my life but more importantly disbelieves about myself

Noor B.

I woke up this morning smiling and very relaxed. I love how this workshop popped up when I needed it. I hope others get to do it too. 

Thank you for the love and good energy .

Aisha M.

Don’t continue to live 2021 with the pain and challenges from the year before that.  You can live free with more joy, deeper intuition and happiness.

Join us today! session is on 23rd of January 2021 
11am EST, 5pm GMT+1 (Madrid, Paris) , 7pm GMT+3 (Kuwait, Qatar)

Questions? Send me an email at walaa@color-ways.com