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Understanding the attributes unique to our celestial nature can help us see the recurring themes that show up in life. It's the blueprint to understanding ourselves. To see clearly the binds that hold us back, often fastened by ourselves without our knowledge.

Our shadow aspect feels as if it's hidden, existing below the earth in the darkness, often manifesting as guilt, shame, sadness or anger.

Just as yin and yang complement each other with their natural duality of light and dark, the shadow aspect of our archetype is interconnected with the light, the parts of us that are approved of by the world.

Often it is perceived that our shadow aspect represents the parts of us that are “broken” but to be whole we need to accept all of us, just as wet is to dry or night is to day. Integrating the hidden self so we can become whole.

“You are not broken, you are open.”

To be open to life as it comes and welcome what we came here to learn.

To accept who are today, where we aspire to be, and how to get there.

Our shadow aspect isn’t to be perceived as negative, it’s like gravity, a tension that keeps us alive and from floating into space.

The challenges and setbacks we face are only the growing pains to realise our better selves. Hard truths, though often unwanted in the moment, shine a light on the pleasing self-image we build to pacify ourselves in place of the real thing. Accepting turbulent conditions and often painful lessons are the way we may transcend the mind limits of fantasy. Here, we may truly recognise ourselves, accept what lies ahead, and begin to live a free and joyful life.

Shadow aspect

Your freethinking ideas can arrive before people are ready for them so you may feel misunderstood and in turn despondent, and retreat from those around you. Your personal torment exists alongside the feeling the world is unable to integrate the potential for change. 

Because your thinking can be nonuniform and unpredictable, you may seek external validation and attempt to fit yourself into a box and bend to someone else’s ideals. But if you deny your differences and surrender your imagination it won’t make life easier, it will leave you more alienated from the world. Listen to that internal current and become your own guiding star. 

How to Balance:

  • Be around innovators and people who are open-minded 
  • Dedicate time to put your ideas on paper 
  • The world doesn’t need you to conform: celebrate your differences (e.g. wearing what you want for example) 
  • Be mindful of seeking external validation (practice self-acceptance) 

Crystal to work with:

Smoked quartz 

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