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I want to keep this feed open, loving and full of energy that we all need right now. The energy of love, healing, and hope. Being an empath I’m so in tune with other people’s energies of panic and I constantly need to clear them from mine. I want to share with you practices I’ve been using to stay calm and productive: ⁠

– Golden light visualization to balance: Visualizing golden light entering from the crown of my head and going through each energy center and raising its vibration and clearing it from the energy that it’s mine. ⁠

– Dancing with the intention of shaking things off, a major focus on hips, arms and relaxing my jaw. I do visualize a rainbow of colors growing from my energy as I dance and connect with my body. ⁠

– I’m keeping my colors bright and light, I’m using a mustard yellow to be more productive, blues when my anxiety is hight, eating lots of greens when I feel frustration building up. ⁠

– Meditating before I sleep, I love the ones on @tenpercenthappier *this is not an ad I just love their stuff there are also lots of free meditations on youtube.