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The purge is one of the least talked about parts of any transformational journey. The purge is full of grief, sadness, and relief. For the most part, it is the hardest part of it. Every time we ask to move to a new level of being, we need to shed the layers that root us in the level we are in. 

If you seek a meaningful life, this part doesn’t stop; every time we go deeper into ourselves, the more purging we need to do. 

A purge is a release, a let go, an upgrade into a deeper part of yourself. 

That can look different for everyone depending on the journey; the most common is losing, releasing people in our lives. People in our lives symbolize relational patterns, showing how we connect to the world and the story about ourselves being projected on the outside. The closer the person, the closer we are to the root of the pattern. 

The chaos that lights up within us can feel overwhelming. This is the time when beautiful inner work can be done, especially when you are in the process of doing something different, which causes you to lose or make complex decisions you’ve never done before.

 It is powerful to take your perspective within and ask questions such as why did I need this? What did it block me from doing? Or being? 

As you purge these energies from your life, you must integrate the new powers and look at the mental changes that need to occur. Address them in every way. 


An exercise I love is this one: 

  • Take a few breaths, and visualize a golden curtain that will act as a cleansing filter to any energies that leave your body. 
  • Ask your body where are these “people,” “patterns,” or “situations” living in your body? Give yourself time to respond, and deepen your breath every time. Usually, the body will show you one place or a few and would feel like a heavy or annoying sensation in the body. 
  • Then ask what colors are they, and wait until the colors do appear (usually, they are the first colors you feel). 
  • Begin taking gold inhales (through the nose) into these colors, then watch the colors that showed up leave through your exhale (from your mouth) 

Emotional release opportunity: Do this for at least 20min until all the colors are replaced with the gold you are breathing in. This process will also be great for emotional release, so notice the emotions that come and allow them to express themselves and what they need. 


Take time to reflect on the events conspiring journal these reflection questions either in writing or speaking them on a voice note… etc.

  • What emotionally charged parts of me are showing up right now? 
  • What is this situation teaching me about who I am? 
  • What are the things I no longer want in my life? 
  • How did I play a role in this situation? And go deep in this one, this could be things such as I had no boundaries, or I didn’t trust my intuition about this… and keep going deeper. 

You can do these things to take advantage of these purging times and integrate the learning. 

 Remember, the first and most important thing to do as you purge and release is to take care of your body, mind, and rest. Resting is essential as you do these things. one of the ways I created for you to help you release with color therapy, sound alchemy and more is Spirit Spa you can check it here *which is on a limited time price for you*