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Put one foot infront of the other and take it one step at a time. I was going to write about my mountain move, but speaking of the current, energy comes first. Things are reaching a boil, a collective purge, and a time that feels darkest before dawn. 

Dawn always comes; it doesn’t stay dark forever. Lucky are the ones who can face the darkness of their own selves. Looking at what comes up as lessons vs. just night.

Feels that solid themes of self-sabotage and self blockage are taking the stage. I don’t know what’s happening astrologically, but this is my read on the energy. We are going deeper into our shadow, our behaviors that cause us suffering for the reason of noticing them and healing them. 

Will you choose to heal it so you can be born anew when dawn comes? Or will you stay on autopilot, letting your fears keep driving the car? 

What are the themes coming up for you these days? Personally, it’s been my boundaries and the moments I don’t stand up for myself and the energies I have taken on that are not mine. I also understand that I am beautiful and good when depleted and unable to give. My worth doesn’t come from giving. 

I understand that I can give myself space and excuse myself from the stage until I can rise again and share the wisdom I gain from the cave. 

  • What are you allowing into yourself that helps you stay small? Or not achieve your dreams? 
  • In what ways are you disrespecting your being?
  • How are you responding to being faced with your shadow, aka fears? 
  • What are your fears? Are you able to recognize and forgive them? 

These are the reflection question that is coming up for the current energy. 

The color I would recommend for these energies: 

I can only feel our need for cream white; cream white has a hint of yellow; these two together tell us to connect to the courage of neutrality, a neutral place that doesn’t require judgment but peace, stillness, and understanding. 

Sending you all healing… I know it’s tough, and I also know that you got this. You are loved, cared for, and supported. This darkness is the support that will help you embrace the new dawn of you. Sending you grace as you go through the tunnel, keep walking.