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Many years ago when my mother made us all sit down to watch “the secret”, I was very confused.

The documentary claims that the secret to a good prosperous life is to be positive all the time. No matter what, don’t think that negative thought. Just don’t.

I got on it and decided I had to be positive to get everything I wanted. To get that job, that love, that passion you name it. I even watched Candy a million times to manifest a heath ledger but clearly, that did not happen.
After a while of be positive this, no negative thoughts, and let’s all be positive, took its toll on me. Not allowing and ignoring my anger, my doubt and my fears to speak up got me into a whole depression phase. No matter how hard I tried to be positive all the time I couldn’t. I had bad days. This made me feel that I wasn’t able to be happy. Happiness was simply not for me.

I was on the floor angry at the secret and at the universe for not answering all of my positivity, or rewarding my good behavior little did I know that these “negative” feelings were the secret.

Yes, you heard me…

Many meditations, workshops, and healings later, this reality clicked for me. I’m human I should have darkness and light. The world is not black or white it’s a whole spectrum of color. Each color has its shadow and its light. This is the world we live in, the world of duality. This beautiful duality.

Our negative thoughts, self-doubts, fears should be heard, understood and loved. Our dark moments have a lot to tell us about what is keeping us from the life of our dreams. The positive thoughts and affirmations are just a cover for all this undealt with feelings and blocks.

Understanding where your negative thoughts come from is where you need to start. Knowing why you feel certain things is the solution to clear them and change. For example, the reasons behind the feeling that you are not deserving of that love or promotion or car have more answers than sticking a picture of that car on your wall.

So you are allowed to feel negative feelings, you are allowed to process them, in the way you need without hurting others or yourself. Start by releasing judgment towards yourself and accept and approve who you are right now FULLY.


Forgive your negativity

Thank your negativity

Love your negativity

Choose to act with love…


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