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What an experience that was. Back in April I promised myself change. I promised myself to slow down until the end of May to give myself time to reflect, watch myself and take note of everything that gives me energy and things that drain me.
Being with my friends, being around my passions has really burst rainbows 🌈 and sunshine inside me.

Ibiza was wonderful, Santorini was a big blessing with my person, Florence has given me the last piece of the puzzle I’ve been looking for.

I noticed how I keep allowing everyone around me to shine yet I put myself in the smallest of boxes out of old habit and fake “respect” I am able to see everyone’s potential and sunshine yet I forgot to stop and appreciate my own. Woah I see what I’ll do now. I have so many things I need to change and work on with the knowing that I will do better for me, I’ve come a long long way from where I used to be and I will do more for me.