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I said I would never do it; I said I would never do a plant medicine retreat. It’s for escapists, I said. It’s for people who can’t handle reality. It turns people into fairies. It’s not for someone like me. I can find this path on my own.

I’m calling myself out; I was an arrogant human who believed I was better and more intelligent than nature.

Little did I know this would be the most humbling experience I’ve ever had. I was forced to face myself like never before. I met my demons; not only did I come out, but I sent those demons to the fire too. Yes! It was war, hopefully, the last war to claim myself back.

How did it happen?

I started the year on heartbreaking news, 48hrs that gifted me a dream, then it was taken away. It was painful; I’ve never experienced such a loss. This loss moved me; this loss moved me to meditate and channel my higher self more; I had so many questions for Artemis, the Lemurian druid (who I now know is my higher self). She gave me the pull towards sacred plant medicine.

A few hours later, I was doing bio resonance with this beautiful soul Matilda. We began speaking of the women’s plant medicine retreats she organizes, and I finally asked her; when is your next one? And she said: “well, after tomorrow, I just got a cancellation.”
A few hours and I was in.

How did it go?

Remember, I thought it was for people who wanted to run away, NOPE couldn’t escape if I wanted to, and believe me, I DID.
I had to face myself; as soon as I arrived there, I was trembling with fear. I got there with a headache, and I felt nauseous and cried during the intention-setting circle.

The first night was like a war between me and all my anxieties; it didn’t stop. I found myself telling myself during the night that I was here before. I knew this. All my mean inner voices were having a party and singing loudly.

It was over. I got to bed, and I sent msgs to my closest circle, telling them that I was heading out as soon as I woke up; I’m not gonna put myself through this suffering “for no reason” one more night.

Little did I know that nature was already working inside of me; it moved me out of bed and into the integration circle; I don’t even remember how I got myself there. I was in shits, and I was raw, and my fears didn’t want to be there because they knew they were going to be kicked out; it was time for the pain to leave my body, soul, and energy.

The second night began, and I was more robust; I asked for the medicine to be gentle and help me understand what was going on. It was, and it wasn’t, the intelligence of nature was beyond anything I knew; it moved me, it cleansed me, and every time I walked to the bathroom with my bucket, I came back feeling like a gladiator who just ended a fight and was about to fight again for their life.

The night ended and began with me clearing my maternal family’s pain out of my uterus. One by one until they all left, and I sent them home to heal away from my body; with love, I had never experienced it before.

What now?

Well, I finally had space for myself; fighting for my life was real; it was a war between my fears and my essence. I won, I reclaimed my body, and now my life.

As I was healing and purging, many of my clients had symptoms of nausea, frequent visits to the toilet, and clearing. By healing myself, I was helping everyone heal. It’s so real. I used to think it was a cliche.

I have enormous respect for nature now; I was ignorant and arrogant, believing I was more intelligent, in control, or even that I know better than her what’s good for the world. The intelligence of years, civilizations, and everything are in the ground we are walking on.

I have a new appreciation for myself, my vibrational medicine, and what it is that I do.

What about my work with color?

Wow, this has been illuminated; I see why. It’s because of my essence; it’s because of my ancestral line and my mission on earth. Vibrational medicine is critical. I’ve been learning it, it’s in my blood, but like nature, I underestimated it because my fears told me that there was no place for it in this world. After all, I’m a Lemurian, and we’ve been banished, for this reason, to disconnect ourselves from the part that is our nature; we are nature.
It’s now time for us to fulfill the prophecy and uplift the world with the message of light activations. I see the importance of this work more than ever before. I know now how powerful it is; let’s activate the light beings we are to elevate ourselves to the next level of love.


What changes have I made?

Bye, Bye Color readings have transformed into a Rainbow Activation experience; you will still have your energy read, your colors explained to you, and we will together activate them in your body. You will feel a sense of knowing, a sense of love, purpose, and healing. Activate your Rainbow codes now.

One-on-one packages are no longer that; they are now elevated into Color Medicine containers, where you are not only supported with sessions also voice notes, messages, and fully rounded support that will heal your soul, body, and emotions on so many levels. Moving you towards a life that your soul knows it’s what you came here to live. (These are applications only, a small number are selected for every container period, you will be offered a big entrance into my sacred world, and I want to make sure I can create that space for you.) email me for the application

Spirit Spa, I realized, was created to initiate you into the world of color language. It’s meant to show you your own vibrational relationship with the color codes already inside.