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I posted this image of rainbow cleansing my home and I got many questions that I’m super excited to answer. Here it goes.

What does it mean to cleanse your home? Why is it important?

Our homes have energies and these energies are important for our wellbeing. Cleansing your home means that you move the energy in your home getting rid of negative energy using different visualizations techniques and (smudging) burning herbs and replacing it with new fresh positive energy. Just like our energy bodies our homes can pick up negative energies, static energies and past negative emotions. These energies are usually heavy and love to stay in corners. You know that your home has low vibration energies when you feel heavy and unable to relax at home. It is important to cleanse these energies regularly so we can thrive, have new energies come in and get rid of what no longer serves us.

How does a home pick up negative energies?

A home can pick up energies from many things for example our electronics can make the energies at home heavy. Arguments create negative energies that stay if we don’t clear it. Old items that we never use and clutter. It is important to clear home energies after a break up or losing/leaving a job or any major negative life event to release these energies from the home.

If I don’t cleanse my home does that mean that I will have bad luck for the rest of my life?

No it doesn’t. It just means that it will be more challenging to relax, let go of past arguments and bring in new energies in. After an energy cleanse your home will feel refreshed, calming and loving. Many people also report new opportunities and beautiful moments as soon as they finish the clearing process.

What are the benefits of a home cleanse?

Releasing stuck energy can also result in moving things in our lives. It will bring more positive feelings to your home and your life. Sleeping is a lot easier and deeper. Conversations flow easier and less arguments happen, you will feel more centered and staying in the moment is much easier and consistent. Cleansing your home is a great message to the universe that you are ready to welcome abundance and love into your life. Negative energy takes space letting  it go makes way for new things to come. Also burning herbs increases the oxygen supply to the brain, clear away germs from the air and the smell helps with relaxation.

What herbs do you use to cleanse your home? (source)


(confusingly, the “sage” used in most smudge sticks, is not culinary sage but sagebrush): transforms energy and brings change. (my favorite one)


(the culinary herb): brings wisdom and is calming and healing.


attracts positive energy.


Restores balance and creates a peaceful atmosphere. Lavender also attracts loving energy and spirits.


Deeply purifying, especially for clearing negative emotions and for healing and as a way to attract positive energy. Also used to bless a home before taking residence there, a tradition dating back to the Northwest and Western Canadian Native Americans, and believed to aid clairvoyance, revive the tired mind, body, and spirit, and stimulate contact with other worlds.


Stimulates psychic awareness and prophetic dreams. It also banishes evil spirits.


Used to purify and create a safe and sacred space.

Yerba Santa

Used to purify and to set and protect boundaries.


A powerful healer that brings clarity to problems. (Also brings in love)


How do you do a rainbow home cleanse?

It’s super easy.

You will need:

  • White sage or any clearing herb  (pick one from the list above)
  • A clear large glass of water
  • A white candle and a candle that represents your desire for example: a green candle for abundance, red candle to attract love and passion, rose pink candle to attract gratitude and unconditional love.  (I will write a whole blog post about this one next week)
  • Colored lights I use Philips hue *optional* This the collection I use.

Take a few minutes look around what are items around you that you haven’t used in the last six months. Let go of it, donate it or give it to someone who would love it. Then clear out any clutter in your home.

Close your eyes, set an intention of letting go of what no longer serves your highest good. Make sure your windows are open and light your stick. go around you home slowly focusing on your intention of letting go of what no longer serves your highest good.

Make sure you take your time around corners, electronics and bathrooms. Enjoy the process and feel it in your heart when your done with each room.

Put out the herbal stick. Close the windows and pick up the water (some add salt to it) and just go around the house to pick up whats left of the energies.

Pour it down the toilet and flush the toilet. (This is a great symbol for yourself that you want low energies out)

Sit in the center of your home or your meditation space (this is where I also use my Philips hue lights to help strengthen the energies of color) and visualize the center of the earth pumping red light to your home from floor to ceiling to all major four corners of your home then from the floor it changes to orange, then yellow, then green, sky blue, indigo then violet.

Let the violet turn into a violet flame that will burn away what no longer serves you then seal it with golden light frame all around the edges of your home.
Take a few deep breaths focus on the energies you want, and what you want to bring into this home, light your white candle and let it’s flame spread your beautiful intentions for your home.

I hope this brings you and your home more blessings and love.

Love and Color,

Walaa color ways