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      I’ve heard this repeatedly, go fix your issues before getting into a relationship, or find that job or go for that dream you desire. It’s all these requirements before attempting the things you want. Making us feel that we must isolate ourselves before we are welcomed back into society.

Healing as an individual and just hiding away in your room until you’re ready and healed from co-dependence, from whatever society told you you had as a problem, or from this breakup, or from this job loss, or whatever. And just hiding away until you’re perfect, and then you can come back into the world. I feel like this concept is fully embraced and not talked about correctly, especially in the spiritual world.

Especially talking about healing in the arena, not away from the arena, is vital. What do I mean by healing in the arena? It’s just really releasing this concept that I need to lock myself up and away and not go for these opportunities or these people until I am perfect.
I need to isolate myself until I am good enough to be back in society. And this is where the problem is. I need to stay away from my triggers and then go back to them when I’m ready.
Instead of letting me listen to my triggers while I’m in society. While I allow the community around me to support me and the people who love me to help me heal with that love and let that be the way of healing instead of hiding away, numbing and staying in your head and just thinking about how imperfect you are and that you need more work. You need more fixing until you are allowed back into society, or allowed back to want the things you want and explore the jobs, the relationships, the situations, whatever is happening and handle your triggers or your stuff while you are facing the stuff. Why is it that isolation is glorified? And what does that do to us? Why does that give us a sense of loneliness instead of a sense of community? And a sense of loneliness and isolation is totally against our humanity and what we are as humans.

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