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What does it mean when you hate a color, or when you’re repelled by it?

Color therapists believe that hidden emotions are to blame

For some of us, it might be brown, while for others it might be pink. Just like a favorite color, most of us also have a color that we dislike. There is a reason for this.

Colors give off strong vibrations and have the ability to impact people. That is why color therapy is very effective.

Certain colors can trigger negative memories. For example, someone who had a traumatic or embarrassing experience from childhood might learn to associate the colors in that time with negative emotions. If you are avoiding a color, you are repressing what that color means to you.

Every feeling we have towards a color has a significant meaning. So whenever you’re repelled by a color, you should be very curious.

The colors that you dislike can tell you a lot about yourself. They usually tell you your weakness and vulnerabilities and often relate to areas in your life that need attention. These are the colors you need the most. They are trying to tell you what you need for your healing.

What should you do if you find yourself avoiding a color?

First of all, you need to understand what that color is making you feel. What is your reaction and response to that particular color?

Note these feelings down. If you can’t find the answer, you need to go deeper. Really look into it because that is your resistance.

Look up the meaning of the color. What is it that’s making you feel this way?
Every color has a wavelength that connects us to a certain feeling, a different thought pattern. Once we figure that out, it’ll start resonating. And this is the formula for figuring out how you can work on it , make peace and release the blocks that come up when you associate yourself with that color.

I’ll give you an example. When I first started working with color therapy, one of the colors I couldn’t stand was green. I didn’t want to be around it, put it in my interior or even wear it. I didn’t want to be associated with green.

So I started looking up the meaning of green. I came to understand that green asks us to be vulnerable and grow from a place of love, vulnerability, and openness. And I was refusing to do this. Vulnerability was something extremely difficult for me.

Once I made my peace and started working with green, it allowed me to release the block that I had against vulnerability, and helped me to become more vulnerable and open. Therefore, I was able to create more trusting and intimate relationships that I enjoy today.

So figure out which colors you hate, understand the meaning of that color and make peace with it. Try to incorporate a small amount of this color into your life by using it in clothing or in your home environment. This will help to balance your energy.

You can find out more about this in my book, “Heal Yourself with Color.” I have included color readings and my personal stories with some colors.

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