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Happy New Year beautiful; I wish this year will bring you lots of colorful miracles. I’m on top of the moon for whats to come in 2016 and how we will transform you together.

Firstly I’m happy to be introducing you to my new website. The look and feel of this website are exactly what you need to start living colorfully in 2016.

To make 2016 as exciting and joyful as it’s meant to be for all of us; we will start the New Year with a Color Letter workshop on the 16th of January where you will work with colors to heal 2015 and manifest a 2016 that you will love. Book it here

On my new website I have introduced new items to the menu such as Color Circles, Color Lunches and Brunches and the 42 Day Recipe.

The 42 Day Recipe is the only life transforming, color vibrating Recipe you’ll need to jumpstart the grandest year of your life.

My one on one service is now completely transformed into a 42 day Recipe. Created uniquely for your needs. It is faster, more concentrated for better results. In my earlier one on one services we used to just focus on the visualization of color and the instant healing benefits of it; in this new service we will not only be looking at your energy body, we will be looking at your entire lifestyle and its colors. We will be looking at and changing your food, your day to day habits, even your words to start manifesting the right colors.

It’s gonna be one heck of a journey and a crazy beautiful transformation.

This journey will start with an intro call and assessment of your current lifestyle you can book it here. You will receive a personalized mini color reading, which provides analysis of your color chart and the different colors that are currently showing up in your life.
Following on from this initial reading, your first week will start with setting up your meditation space, color journaling, self-care practices, and basic grounding and meditation techniques. The call on the first week will include a color healing and blockage clearing using color energies.

From the second week onwards, plans will include a major forgiveness exercise. You will also receive individualized plans based on your intro call. You will get a color or two to work with, color journaling work, a meditation and yoga practice schedule, color mudras and a self-care plan.

This program is meant to help you transform your life in a matter of weeks because you have the power, I will show you.


Love and Color,

Walaa color ways