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Your Color Archetype has two aspects, a light and a shadow. The light aspect is the positive side to your archetype and the shadow are the contrasting and darker elements to your archetype.

Light aspect

With an immense power to grow, you are highly adaptable and also very sensitive to your environment and the people around you. 

With an ability to sprout from a crack in a wall, you are able to thrive in a way people don’t expect, able to identify opportunities others can’t. You find yourself most at home when you’re in nature. Stepping in tune with the hum of the earth, you follow your own rhythm, just as a seed coded to grow. Always recognising the best in people, you thrive on connection and amplify their best traits. Your sensitivity to the world is your superpower. Highly intuitive, when you harness the vibrating energy of everything that connects us, you can facilitate the growth of those around you.

Shadow aspect

When out of balance, you can be cold and out of touch with everybody. If you’re not aware of your sensitivity it can lead to feelings of overwhelm, withdrawing from the world, and building a wall around yourself. Because you are often following the flow, you can neglect your own boundaries and spread your attention over too many interests, ultimately diluting their potency. If you’re not true to who you are and continually suppress your nature, you may quickly become envious of others when they appear to have what you desire. 

How to Balance:

  • Gardening, touching the earth
  • Finding love in everyday acts 
  • Practice holding your personal boundaries

Crystal to work with:


Celebrities: Beyonce, Rosa Parks, Stevie Wonder, J.K Rowling, Maya Angelou, Angelina Jolie, Meryl Streep, Russell Brand, Drew Barrymore, Scarlett Johansson, Audrey Hepburn, Robert Downey Jr, Alfred Hitchcock, Al Gore, Socrates, George Washington, Issac Newton, Henri Matisse, Fidel Castro, Immanuel Kant


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