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We all know the struggle twisting and turning all night not able to fall asleep. 😴 Other days when sleep is so light that you are tired the next day. I used to have the hardest time sleeping. I couldn’t focus, perform of even stay motivated. These days are over for me I found hacks to get the best sleep ever. Before I get to my night stand essentials I would like to make sure you know that the main secret is to create a resting ritual. I use my Himalayan Salt lamp the orange light is warm and creates a loving safe feeling to fall fast asleep.

1. Drink something warm and cosy

Ending my day with a warm herbal drinks starts my sleeping ritual, it tells my body Walaa you can go to dream land. I have two favorite blends that help me sleep.

Reishi Hot coco from Four Sigmatic , they are great to help you chill, they also have incredible benefits such as detoxing your liver and balancing your hormones, and this blend is too relaxing, it puts me into deep deep sleep.

The second one is Sleep by the beautify chef. A nice turmeric latte with lemon balm. Both are great for digestion and are anti inflammatory.

2. Colored lights

Before I sleep I like to sit and take a few deep breaths, I usually use blue, green and a hint of orange. These colors are great to release stickiness neutralize the body and prep you for great sleep. Deep blue lights reduces stress, green helps get the body into a neutral place and relaxes the eyes after a day of screen time and orange is soothing and feels like sunset. My favorite color lamp is bloom by Philips Hue

3. A journal

Reflecting on my day has become one of the most important things for me. Not only its a great way to dump thoughts and calm your mind, it’s also great to cultivate gratitude and thats a great way to end your day.

4. Silk eye mask

I love my eye mask it so soft and it makes sure no light disturbs my sleep. Silk is great for your skin too, it helps retain skin moisture and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. It’s so soft too this one is my fav

5. A book

I like to keep poetry next to my bed, its a great way to pick up the book and read something beautiful before you sleep. I have Khalil Gibran’s the Prophet on my nightstand, I’ve done so since I was 14 the same hardcover. I just pick it up and open a random page and usually the message is spot on.


6. Neutral bedsheets 

Our bodies heal at night, and the best way to allow it to heal and reset is by keeping it in a neutral space. This is why I believe neutral bedsheets are great for deep sleep. The neutral colors will help your body in a neutral healing and detoxing space.