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The away shirts for some football teams are out, and I thought it would be fun to analyze the color choices for both @realmadrid and @fcbarcelona since they both for entirely different approaches in terms of color. ⁠⠀
Let’s begin with Real Madrid ‘s choice of salmon pink. ⁠⠀

Pink is a color known to reduce heart rate, lower stress, and reduce appetite. I also find this choice interesting because of the way we perceive color; we rarely see someone in pink and think of them as someone aggressive or a pretender. Given the controversial comments the team received during their la Liga run, I find this choice extremely powerful and beneficial for them from a behavioral influence and the perceived influence of color. ⁠⠀

FC Barcelona, on the other hand, chose the complete opposite. They went for a black and gold combo. This combo influences us to go inward and find that mental strength and use self-motivation as the primary source to power us through. The colors are both mentally stimulating. From a color perception aspect, we have a color combination that says, “I’m serious about succeeding, but I won’t tell you how.”⁠⠀

It’s a powerful combo too.