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Image found on yogibe.tumblr.com

Image found on yogibe.tumblr.com

It’s full moon in Taurus tonight, this is supposed to be a grounding moon and a moon with energy that helps us get into habits, structure and start building what we truly desire things we’ve been working on and thinking about for the past 6 months.

For many of us who have been through many changes this also could be a time of restlessness and overwhelm, the good news is that this is energy helping you release so accept and embrace the sadness and any emotion that comes up today. Always know that it is darkest before dawn.

If you need support releasing or if you are feeling stuck book a 30min free Skype session with me we can clear out a lot of things for you just follow the link https://thecolorrecipe.acuityscheduling.com/

I would also suggest you take time this weekend, to clear out clutter at home, and cleansing the energy at home by visualizing white/silver light clearing your spaces. clean out your crystals and stones and leave them out for the moon to recharge. my suggested asana for tonight is Camel pose or half camel hold it for 3mins while visualizing a shower of Green or Violet (let your intuition pick for you) open your heart, release any emotions that no longer serve you.

Embrace life cause great days are coming.

Love and Color,

Walaa color ways