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I was on a crazy long hibernation phase the past few months, it was the longest break I’ve ever taken. That was my orange phase, It was great and I’m here to tell you what I learned about that strong orange presence in my life, and if orange is knocking your door, open it.

Since my challenging 2014 I’ve been running after everything, I was surviving and I was coping but I was completely numb. My feelings were locked up; I would have bursts from time to time but I was not present with myself. One day I decided to just STOP; and I always imagined that at the moment Orange was in the background clapping and doing it’s joy dance.

I decided to shutdown, stop being ambitious, entrepreneurial and whatever the word success meant to me as I was growing up. No more running just stop Walaa. I needed to get in touch with my orange

When orange shows up in our lives its a calling for getting in touch with feelings, with your inner feminine and find your strength and joy with being in touch with your feelings, It’s a great color to let go of anger, resentment and that pain you feel in your lower abdomen.

I sat with orange and discussed my feelings. This was such a great time for me, cause I meditated for me, I wrote for myself, I went to work and listened to myself until I resigned cause I deserve better (thats coming up in another blog post I promise) and I listened to me, all of me.

I emerged with a bigger respect for my inner desires, feelings and my inner wisdom. I came back and found doors opening for me that I could never have imagined. Here is what I learned from my orange phase:

1. Feelings are not a bad thing they have a strong message.

My emotions were so strong yet so bottled up, they scared me and I didn’t want people to see me as this emotional little girl that I completely locked her up, but when I listened to her she told me I was running after the wrong things, forgetting my purpose and that I deserve better and I must give myself that. (it’s great what daily color journaling can do for you)

2. Joy is not scary either

We are always afraid to express happiness or joy because we think it’s temporary we are always on survival mode that we are too scared of this unknown happiness feeling. Next time something good comes along, force yourself to celebrate it, enjoy it and really be with it without expectations. This will open beautiful doors for you, the universe opens up to us when we are happy, it’ll multiply it.

3. Pay attention to your energy levels they are right

When you wakeup every morning completely dreading where you are going to, STOP this place is not good for you, it’s sucking the life out of you. No matter what people or your mind tells you about the obstacles and CAN’Ts ask yourself what colors are your solutions. There is always a solution and the universe will support your happy colors if you let it.

4. There is no shame in having desires and giving them colors too.

We grow up thinking having desires is selfish and desire leads us to sin. We feel guilty when we want something. Big or small it makes us guilty. During my hibernation I found that my desire for freedom was green and it lead me to my happiness.  When I was free of bosses and people telling me what I should do, and that I am too emotional for work, I blossom and I the happiest I’ve ever been and guess what? Much more productive. So get in touch with that desire that makes you smile give it a color and let that color be your guide, when you make a decision ask yourself does it feel green or whatever your desire color feels like? I swear it works and I love it.

My orange phase taught me a lot and I hope it can shine some colorful light on your life, and add more sparkle.

Love and Color,

Walaa color ways