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When you have one of these days where everything is on high alert or you’re just feeling under the weather, color is here to help you through these days.

I’m more careful with my colors on challenging days. These are my tricks to brace through a challenging day of work, home, or even a small argument with a friend or a family member.

1. Choose your base: Black or White

Black is great when we are protecting, if you are the kind who chooses fight instead of flight black can give you wisdom and calm your aggression because black absorbs energy. If you are the flight instead of fight kind STAY away from black and go for the opposite side of the spectrum and go for white, to see white all light is reflected so if you are the sensitive type this color will protect you beautifully and will make you less sensitive and less prone to others negativity.

2. Add a touch of Baby Blue

Baby blue is the color of expression, most of us get sensitive or stressed because of our inability to express our feelings well during heated arguments or challenging times. Baby blue will help you have clear gentle communication, while lowering your blood pressure. You are ready to win the vocal challenge with this blue.

3. You can Always Grey it out

If you are facing a conflict challenge heather Grey is your color. Grey is a neutralizing color that helps you balance the black or white of any situation, and find a middle way that keeps everyone happy. It helps you create harmonious solutions. (Best to wear when arguing with your partner or a family member)

These are my tips for beating any challenging day no matter what! Tell me what you think below in the comments and for more color tricks make sure you sign up to our Color Newsletter.

Love and Color,

Walaa color ways