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The last few days have felt like a significant goodbye.

I’ve healed so much, but in return, I grieve the pain, the sadness and trauma I have left behind. It’s crazy how much we attach our identity to our pain; the last few days for me felt as though I’d let go of myself even though I’ve let go of the pain I did feel lost without it. I’m adjusting to a new set of eyes.

I’m adjusting to feelings of healing. I’ve let go of so much. Many have wondered why I’ve been so quiet; I’ve been connecting with this new healing cause it feels fresh. The pain I let go of was pain I was born with, passed down from generations of women in my family and probably multiple past lives.

I am sending you all the love. I can’t wait for what’s coming, and I am in total awe of the amount of love, encouragement, and happiness. I can see and embrace it now.