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Healing in the Arena

June 2021

Connect to your intuition

This indigo month is a calling to connect to your intuition and finding out how that voice speaks to you. We are all intuitive, we only need to learn which way to listen and understand in which way this intuition speaks to us, some of us hear it, others feel it some use a combination.

This session you will learn about the different ways your intuition communicates to you. uncover it and learn how to begin working with it.

Why it’s important:

Our intuition is something when we tap into we open up a whole new world of possibilities, it opens us to new possibilities and ways that will bring us more happiness, peace and deep love.

90 min Online session

26th June 2021 – 7pm Madrid time / 1pm NY / 8pm Doha

July 2021

Creativity in service

This violet month is all about allowing our gifts, creativity to be in service of the higher good using your gifts and time to serve a higher purpose and a stronger sense of self.

This session will open you up to working from a place of service, being happy from a place of service, which by nature as humans allows us to thrive beyond measure.

90 min Online session

24th July 2021 – 7pm Madrid time / 1pm NY / 8pm Doha

August 2021

Magenta – to be announced soon

Check back for updates!

Dates tba

90 min Online session

September 2021


Coming soon

90 min Online session

Dates tba

October 2021


Coming soon

90 min Online session

Dates tba

November 2021


Coming soon

90 min Online session

Dates tba

Decemberย 2021


Coming soon

90 min Online session

Dates tba

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Magnetic letters

The session will review, release, clean and clear your energy to close out 2020 and lift you up into a more joyous 2021. Youโ€™ll have the tools to live happier, attract love and move with more velocity towards your dreams.

Flow, Allow, Surrender

This blue month calls to flow instead of control. Allowing ourselves to follow the pull instead of pushing against life. Uncover your inner voice and allow it to guide you.

This session that will bring you into alignment with the flow of the universe and understanding how love and truth can be your guides. Releasing the need to control and surrendering it the beautiful pull of life.

Sage your love life

This orange month is all about relationships, starting with our relationship with ourselves and how you translate that into the world through attachments, love patterns and how big you allow yourself to love.

An online session that will bring your energy frequency in alignment with the love you seek. We will be combining color frequencies and sound to remove the believes that are blocking you from attracting the right partners, heal your current relationship and raising your frequency to match the love of your life.

Unleash yourself

This yellow month brings the opportunity to tap into more self-confidence, self-belief and finding the courage to thrive! Yes, it takes courage to allow ourselves to shine.

This session will help you find that confidence and inner knowing by tapping into your power and bringing your sunshine out from hiding. Stop playing small and allow yourself to be the power source of your life to help you find more determination, courage, and strength.


This green month we explore the gift of forgiveness, we hold on to painful experiences believing it’s the best way to protect ourselves from pain, when in reality these pains stuck in the body block us from growing and thriving.

Let’s take this opportunity to turn these situations and pains into learnings that we grow and thrive from. A session that will uncover the pain you are holding in your body that is only serving your fears. We will break these chains, feel free and allow ourselves to expand beyond measure with love.

We will be working with color, sound and body free-ing movement and breath.

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