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Yes! I said it 2018 is an Orange year

And it’s gonna be great, I promise… If you do what I tell you of course 😉

What a loaded year this will be. Orange is the color of change, relationships, creation, and joy. There will be a big focus on the relationship within, a lot of work in a good way.

Physically we will be called to eat cleaner and work on gut health more and more every day. We will also be called to balance our workouts to create a balanced body and mind I’m thinking a yoga and F45 combo for myself personally.

Emotionally we will be called to work on our relationship with ourselves and dive deeply to find that connection with feelings. We will be called to understand our feelings and not be afraid of them anymore. This disconnection to our feelings and motions is what is causing that inner turmoil that we now see all over the place with ourselves and others. Working on this will be easy this year. *Great News*

Spiritually we will still see people becoming more aware and seeking awareness. This is key to a happier spirit. We are all called to connect with the moment, connect to ourselves as humans (dark and light), connect with our creator nature and start co-creating and taking responsibility for the world we see outside of us as our own creation. *Boom this will be the big bang*


Wow! What a year it will be for all of us, I am extremely enthusiastic about what’s to come.