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Motivation is hard for many these days. Color can help us, there are some colors that whenever we look at they give an instant lift. I chose three different colors with workout outfits to help inspire you to get off the sofa and move. Working out even if it was for 30min lifts our moods and help us stay positive during this time. ⁠⠀

Red: a color that is all about action, it will help you get inspired to move and get your heart rate up! Red is also the color of vitality. Best for weight lifting and slow-paced workouts. ⁠⠀
Orange: known to be the best color for working out, because of it’s feel-good qualities mixed with playful energy. It’ll make it easier for you to get off the sofa. best for: a dance and fun workout⁠⠀
Magenta: an alive pink, a color that brings us feelings of instant positive and improves our mood. Magenta will be great for a cardio-based workout.