This year came to me with many big decisions and colors I wanted to see 2018 make happen, I wanted to share them with you, to inspire you to write down yours in a letter.

I have learned in my many years of manifesting and looking into the new year that intentions focused on feelings and desires are the best-kept secret to happiness. With me needing a balance between logic and dreams here is my balanced intention list.

1. White for Peaceful: bring in more space into my daily routine

Last year I spent a great deal of my time indoors working away at a fast pace to get the color recipe to move forward and advance. This has created much needed good stress. This year I’m looking to balance the stress with bringing more silent time into my days and moving slower by incorporating yoga into my intense workout routine.

2. Blue balance:  Be more present in my days

Being a soulrepreneur kept me well awake and well connected all day every day even when I was spending time with family, friends and loved ones. So this year I want to be present with the people I love and be all there with them. So maybe less digital time and more talking giving love this time.

3. Green for giving back: Volunteer more

Many of you don’t know that for every 42Day recipe purchase I send 10% of it to Charity water which creates better water access to people in need. This year I want to work closely with people and make a change by also creating meaningful connections with organizations that support causes that I believe in.

4. SkyBlue and yellow for Authentic: Express me more

In the next few months, you will see this decision and intention come to life more and more as I introduce my new brand and say goodbye to the color recipe. I want you to see it all, feel it all with me and see my colorways so you can create your own.

5. Pink for Judging less: let go of gossip and judgment

We all love ourselves an update on celebrity gossip and what are old friends and frenemies are doing but so much of that creates energy that leads to lowering our vibrations by comparing ourselves to others and feeling bad about ourselves. Instead, I want to elevate the conversation to one that inspires me and the people around me. Let’s talk more books, ted talks and vulnerability.

6. Magenta to Inspire and be inspired: write and read more

Reading was always the core of my daily activities as a kid, and I’ve always enjoyed it to the max, it took me to places I never thought I would go. It helped me dream, imagine and know. I want to do that again, I also want to inspire you by writing more about all my journeys, travels and color experience.

7. Lavender for Grateful: bring in more gratitude into my life

I’ve created a crazy beautiful life for myself but all this movement and reaching higher left no space for gratitude, I want to create bigger space in my life to feel grateful, to be grateful for the good and the bad and the beautiful. I’m starting with placing a “gratitude jar” near the door to keep adding things I’m grateful for every day.

8. Yellow for curiosity: Travel and explore the world more

I love love love traveling, I want to do more countries this year and learn about cultures and habits while eating super yummy nourishing foods. This year I will share my travel hacks with you too.

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