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You were put on this earth for a reason.

Let’s uncover that reason.

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew how to deal with life’s complications, if you knew how to solve challenges as they show up and stay grounded when things aren’t going as planned?

What if you had the confidence to take full direction of your life, shake fear when it grabs at your heels and step into the best version of you?

What if you had the ability to love and appreciate yourself, what if you could be more spontaneous and take a trip away on a whim and feel a calm inside you that you never knew existed?

But you’re feeling completely flat, you’re tired of trying everything with no success and you don’t know which way to look.

Introducing my brand new group circle, Color Transformers

A 5-week programme where you’ll work directly with me and a small circle of sisters where you’ll be supported and guided, you’ll have more confidence to do everything you want to do and live a life in the full spectrum of color.

• Imagine if you were free from bad relationships, were supported through the process and had new found independence.

• Imagine if you had rock solid confidence, could squash negative thoughts before they sprout and threw anxiety into the unknown.

• Imagine if you lived in a state of calm, cool and collected.

• Imagine if you had someone you could confide in, who opened your heart in ways you haven’t ever imagined and filled with all the good energy you can handle.

When you work with me during the programme this is exactly how your life will be.

I always thought life was difficult. But it didn’t need to be.

Everything in my life used to feel like a poorly constructed wooden boat – sinking slowly into the sea (without knowing how to fix the leaking holes).

But there was a voice and a spark inside me. I knew I was missing out on the magic of life if only I could find it, harness it, bring it back into full color.

Today, I’m happy to say I’ve transformed. I live aligned with my values, life is balanced. I live in the full spectrum of color, light and dark. I’m not held hostage to my emotions anymore and can take control of my life. I’m more grounded, calm and peaceful.

Now, the little things in life feel sooooo good.

We put our cars in to be serviced and when the pipes are broken we call a plumber. But when it comes to living a happier life, we don’t often ask for help. We trudge through.

What you need is a mechanic
for the soul.

The change you know you need, is on the inside.

In the programme, you’ll be working directly with me and meet our circle of sisters in a supportive group.

Color Transformers will teach you how to:

  • Ground yourself when life is unbalanced
  • Find balance between the pendulum that life throws your way
  • Learn to live a more magical and happy life
  • Raise your energy levels when they hit bottom
  • Embrace new adventures and quash your inner fears
  • Declutter toxic relationships
  • Fill your cup and feel rejuvenated

Unlike other programs I’m not going to throw a video series at you and expect you to do all the work yourself. Join our group and our weekly guided meditations with topics to focus on each week. 

My name is Walaa and I am an alignment specialist for dedicated women who want renewed confidence, more happiness and better life balance. Consider me your super wise bestie. I work with color and sound healing to create deep transformation.

But don’t take my word for it.

Working with Walaa has taught me the importance of self-love and made me appreciate life and color even more. I discovered so many things about myself that I never realized before.

D. Alnaimi

Walaa is very enlightened and high spirited.

The Color Ways programme was one of the most exciting yet eye/heart opening experiences that’s happened to me.

When I finished the program the first time around, I immediately did it again. I highly recommend the color recipe/meditation to everyone I meet.

Nadine Afifi

Color Transformers is a supportive mentoring program for women who want to live a joyful life, develop their confidence and live life with a fully open heart.

5 weeks of live calls

Small groups (10 max)

1 hour 15 minute sessions

Private Facebook Support Group



Start from centre.

I will show you how to create your own personalised meditation space, you’ll be guided to journal your emotions and explore color breathing and grounding techniques. 



We can change how we feel using our breath. We breathe 20,000 breaths a day, yet most of us are doing it wrong. We need to learn to breathe properly so we can reduce stress, regulate digestion and anxiety. You’ll learn different breathing techniques to allow anger and grief to dissolve and anchor yourself back to centre.



We take a journey exploring your inner child and navigate the patterns and fears that keep you blocked, stuck and unable to move forward.



If you find it difficult to let go and forgive – this week is for you. Learn to use green to release frustration and anger, feel light and free.



Loving ourselves doesn’t always come naturally, we need to practice self love and this week I guide you to a deeper

It helps you find happiness, allows you to accept yourself fully, flourish and enjoy being yourself



We wrap up the final week setting you off on the right foot. We learn to use Magenta to manifest your dream life. Release those inner stories that are running on repeat, unlock your inner light and join us in a group healing to release these blocks.

Ready to join our supportive community? 

I guide your healing using geometric sound, color meditations and breathwork. I dive deep with my intuition to heal you from trauma.

Color Therapist & Healer

Walaa taught me how to deal best with challenging situations and how to use my own energy resources.

Simone Vogel

As soon as I allowed the meditations to work, I felt relaxed. I found a calm side in me that I never knew existed.

I found something I could count on.

Sharon D’souza

You only have this one life, let’s make sure it’s the best version it can be. The hurt, pain, discomfort, toxic relationships, and fears you feel need tools and techniques to remove and overcome. Your life CAN be everything you want it to be.

Only a few spots available

Since this work is so individualized and a small group of women,
I only have 10 spots for each group available so if you want to work with me spaces are strictly limited. 

Our next program begins on the 23 of March 2020.

Enrollments close Midnight March 22nd [CET Barcelona time] Course starts 23rd March *time slot based on your group*


€545 Euros


Payment plans available.

Any questions?

Send me an email at walaa@color-ways.com


Will it improve my relationship with the people around me?
Yes, as we work on improving your relationship with yourself everything around you will shift too.
Will it help me relax?

Absolutely. One of the first things you learn in during this program is how to meditate and journal. These tools plus many others will shift your stress levels dramatically.

What is Color Therapy?

It’s an energy healing technique that uses color and color energies to help your understand yourself better and clear your energy.

What if I have to travel during the program’s time?
The beauty of this work is that because it’s all online we can work together from anywhere. Working together also means working with your schedule. I do my best to make this program part of your life and make it work for you.
Does it have to be online?
Yes, my dream was always to be location independent and as I stay true to you I stay true to my dream. Besides it saves us so much time and is so much more comfortable when you are chatting with me in your Pjs.
I’m going through a break up, will this help me?

Yes, we can customize the program to help you through the breakup with colors hacks and different exercises.