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As I was working on the color energies of this mercury retrograde I felt a great energy of one strong message and one color combo. As this combination of blue green washed over me I felt a beautiful calling for us to listen to our hearts and live through the heart.

In Color Therapy green is a color of balance as it is found in the middle of the spectrum. Green is the color of planet venus which is the planet of love. Opening your heart to yourself is one of the profound messages of green.

Blue is a color that creates a sense of peace and tranquility within us. We can only reach this peace when we accept ourselves fully and let our words and actions portray that.

These two colors together create a beautiful message for us in association with this Mercury retrograde in Virgo. The message is:

How much of your heart will you speak? How much of your truth will you live?

This retrograde is about next year. It’s a strong calling to step up, find creative ways to live You!

What have people told you about you? What did you let people make you believe about yourself?

It’s now time to break these false chains and live YOU! Who are you? What are you about? How much of that will you speak? How much of that will you allow yourself to live?

Next year will be the start of a new era, will you choose to make it full of old challenges or will you step up and experience new miracles? Will you let yourself live that free life you crave?

You may think it’s early to think about it but as we are in the last months of this year of completion, Looking at what you have learned and moving towards life is vital.

Do it! This mercury retrograde will allow you to feel your heart and show you ways to turn these callings into something practical that you can take action towards.

Can you do that? Fear will hit you in the false name of logic. DON’T listen to it, go back to your heart and pull that truth out. Your own truth.

Let it shine through you. Give yourself permission and believe in magic.

You are magic, you being here is magic.

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