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Change your words change your life right?

I’ve recently caught myself one too many times, complaining, whining and being flat negative and guess what it feels like crap.

I miss my positivity to be honest, so I decided to go on a complaining cleanse, and the timing is PERFECT it’s a new moon in Aquarius tomorrow.

I need you to help me stick to it, just like a gym buddy, a let’s be the non-complainer buddies.

what you speak comes from your thoughts and emotions, changing the way we speak changes our emotions and our thoughts dramatically. many studies have found that as soon as you change the way you speak, it changes your outlook on life, perception and your problem-solving abilities. the more positive you are with your speech the more your brain will look for solutions to obstacles.

So lets do a 40 day retreat on the color yogi group on facebook and let’s stop complaining, swearing and speaking negatively about anything. And the fun part is let’s share our stories together for 40 days (If you practice something for forty day you turn it into a habit).

Invite your work colleagues, friends, and let’s start this trend #StopComplaining

Click the Share button and let’s stop negativity together.

Love and Color,

Walaa color ways