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Books have always been a major part of my life, as a child, I read everything from Hitlers diaries to Jane Austin novels. Ask my mother – I used to drive her crazy because of all the books I stole from her library.

Books have started me on this journey and continue to nurture and strengthen my practice. Each comes with a new experience and a message that allows me to form my own story, and pave my own way into a colorful life.

I’m constantly asked for book recommendations so here are my colorful 7

1. Angels 101 by Doreen Virtue

My purple energy book

This book is what gently opened my eyes into the realm of angels, made me feel supported and answered to my concern of needing something super natural to help me with this life. This book helped me find my inner guidance and an inner spiritual system that never fails me.


2. May Cause Miracles by Gabriel Bernstein

My Magenta and yellow book

This book is a miracle in its own magical way. This book helped me see how much fear I was living off of and how I can break through it in every aspect of my life. There is no one I don’t recommend this book to and I have recently guided a group reading for it. , t was to say the least a Magical experience.


3. Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak

My rose quarts book

If you haven’t read this book twice you are missing out on life. This book had such a profound impact on my soul, every time I think about it I smile. There is poetry, lessons and a love story that will end with you embracing love in every form. It was a beautiful journey into all aspects of love.


4. Color Medicine by Charles Klotsche

My Blue and Orange book

A great brief about how color can heal you. A beautiful small brief about color therapy history and color as medicine. He uses one of the most powerful color healing methods. Well explained in a small book of 110 pages or so.


5. I remember Union by Flo Aeveia Magdalena

My White feather book

This a controversial book when it came out in 1992 as a channeled Magdalena story and it is still today a challenge to many. I find this book calming and easy to relate to as a strong, different and independent woman living in a society that deems these things as bad. Flo writes a beautiful love story about Magdalena and Jesus and their commitment to serving the grand design of the universe.


6. Conversations with God book 1 by Nael Donald Walsch

My Sapphire book

This book saved me, I felt I could relate to the world again. It made me realize that I’m not alone in my journey in finding a new definition to our existence here on this earth. I found power in service and Power in not needing anyone but myself.


7. The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

My Yellow book

This book is small, concise and to the point. This book helped me understand the power of not talking everything people do or say personally. Instead it made me realize that all the power I needed was already within me. I stopped giving a F*** and giving my power away.