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General - 4 years ago
Anyone familiar with energy work knows that there are many aspects of modern society that can thro
General - 5 years ago
I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to meet these lovely girls and we sat down for a heart to h
Color Hacks - General - 5 years ago
Coffee has always been an important part of my day. Making a cup of coffee was always an art for me.
Color Meaning - 5 years ago
As I was working on the color energies of this mercury retrograde I felt a great energy of one stron
Color Hacks - 5 years ago
Color is an unspoken language that successfully communicates with our conscious and subconscious min
Color Hacks - 5 years ago
I posted this image of rainbow cleansing my home and I got many questions that I’m super excited t
General - 6 years ago
Mercury is retrograde today, YAAAY! I’m actually excited about this one for a change. What Co
Color Hacks - Color Meaning - 6 years ago
I was on a crazy long hibernation phase the past few months, it was the longest break I’ve eve
Color Hacks - 6 years ago
Since I started The Color Recipe, I’ve always dreamed of shifting to a vegetarian diet.  My d
Color Hacks - 6 years ago
Happy New Year beautiful; I wish this year will bring you lots of colorful miracles. I’m on to
Color Hacks - 6 years ago
Color Therapy is also known as chromotherapy and is an alternative medicine method that dates to 500
Color Meaning - 6 years ago
If you missed the webinar of me and Stacey Jessop where I talk about everything color and answer dif


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