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General - Lifestyle - 58 mins ago
I said I would never do it; I said I would never do a plant medicine retreat. It’s for escapis
Color Meaning - 3 days ago
Think of the tree behind your house, the freshly mowed lawn at the front, or the vegetables in your
General - 2 weeks ago
  This is transcribed When we are speaking about forecasts about next year, it’s very imp
General - 2 months ago
What do you feel about the color yellow? Do you associate yellow with certain situations? Do you fee
General - 3 months ago
Research shows that when colors surround us, our brains release chemicals that impact our emotions.
General - 5 months ago
What does it mean when you hate a color, or when you’re repelled by it? Color therapists belie
Lifestyle - 6 months ago
All my life I have been told conflicting ideas and stories about what I should want, the careers I s
Lifestyle - 8 months ago
Color Meaning - 1 year ago
I used to live in a linear two-color spectrum, I now learned my colors, my inner rainbow is somethin
Color Meaning - 1 year ago
The away shirts for some football teams are out, and I thought it would be fun to analyze the color
Lifestyle - 2 years ago
Since everything began with Covid-19 my body has been craving a move towards a vegan diet, I used to
Color Meaning - 2 years ago
When I began this journey my thoughts were a mix of mucky green envy and gossip, my self-talk was a
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