Remove stress,
anxiety & depression

Find love, clarity and spiritual fulfillment

Do you want to:

  • Feel lighter, happier and more joyful every day

  • Get clarity from the voice within you

  • Deepen your intuition so it can guide you so decision making is 100 x easier

  • Attract love and loving relationships

  • Live life knowing that you deserve all the things you dream of

The world has been flipped over its head, this is an experience that challenged the way we look at ourselves, the people in our lives, and the world around us I know this is an opportunity for us to thrive and you can too.

  • Feel like there is more anger and something missing in your relationships than you’d like?

  • Find it hard to enjoy being in the present moment?

  • Feeling like your life is missing a little spark and need to recharge?

  • Rollercoaster of emotions that left you; feeling stuck literary and metaphorically.

  • Find depression and anxiety creeps up on you hindering your ability to live your best life

We can change all that.

Immerse yourself in this workshop bundle, Sage it out and Rose up

In a live group session* you’ll discover how:

  • Day to day life becomes a delight, more joyful and more fulfilling

  • To release the weight of the past to move more freely into the future

  • Attract your dreams as you learn to surrender it to the universe

*note you don’t have to have your camera or sound on. 

  • Your relationships were more joyful and less stressful

  • You could trust your intuition so decision making becomes easier and care free

  • You could clear your mind, improve your heart health and boost your immune system

  • When you climb into bed each night you fall immediately in a deep and restful sleep

  • You live without as much stress, anxiety and tightness in your day-to-day life

This is what our workshop will facilitate for you.


A 4-hour workshop bundle to nourish the spirit, remove old energies and lift you up into a more joyous life. You’ll have the tools to live happier, attract love and move with more velocity towards your dreams.

Sage it out!

Duration 2hrs

  • Clear your energy from heaviness and stuckness 

  • Release stagnant emotions from different areas in your life


  • Cleanse your body


  • Clear your mind 


    For only 77euros 

12th of September 2020 at 11am Madrid, Spain time

Rose Up! 

Duration 2hrs


  • Raise your energetic frequency 

  • Connect to your self worth and live the life you know you deserve

  • Manifest your best life


  • Open your heart and live with love


    for only 88euros 

26th of September 2020 at 11am Madrid, Spain time

Buy both workshops


  • Techniques on how to heal painful experiences
  • How to release unwanted thoughts
  • Declutter toxic relationships
  • How to appreciate yourself and step into self-love
  • Discover a new side of yourself that is happier, healed and heart opened
  • Live a spontaneous and joyous life

Unlike other workshops we use color and sound healing to help unload the past and take faster action towards your goals.

I’ve worked with dozens of souls all over the world to help heal and grow their relationships and live more fully in their joy without the stress and self judgement.

Feel the true state of happiness that’s already inside you – let’s unlock it together.

Let me support you on your journey to live an incredible life.

Walaa is amazing.

I feel that I am slowly changing on the inside. A change that is so beautiful. Walaa has given the strength that I needed and the ability to love and appreciate myself.

Noora Al Kuwari

I’ve gone through a very hard period in my life and received so much support and good energy from Walaa.

I found joy and happiness again.

Practicing the exercises I learned will from now on always be a helpful tool in my life.

Simone Vogel

Don’t continue to live your life with unresolved pain, depression, anxiety and stress. You can live free with more joy, deeper intuition and happiness.

Join us today! First workshop is on 25th of June 2020 

2pm EST, 8pm Barcelona time, 9pm Kuwait and Qatar

Questions? Send me an email at